Reviews of Sue Lange’s Work

Review of Traffic Opera (Cleveland Film Festival)

Overall, a unique story told with humor and talented singing that held my interest from beginning to end.

Reviews of The Process

“Personally, I found ‘The Process’ to be both intriguing and entertaining. The cast did an excellent job of portraying the story in a dramatic fashion without even acting out the stage directions. They occasionally gestured during dialogue, but that was it.

Lange’s story, though, was so captivating that the play easily held my attention. The actors — especially Nelson and Thomas as a married couple at the center of the story — did a fantastic job with the dialogue. It was fun to see Thomas, whom I raved about in my review of “Miss Saigon — In Concert” two weeks ago, in a similarly smarmy role but still giving it his all.

The dialogue throughout was both intelligent and emotional, taking a few twists and turns along the way as we followed parallels between the couple’s personal and business dealings.”

Brian Passey, The Spectrum, part of the USA Today  network
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Reviews of The Perpetual Motion Club

“Author Sue Lange jumbled all the chaos of the teen years and the school experience together, created typical high school students and turned them loose with all of the zeal of youth. What came out was an extremely entertaining novel that would be suitable for younger readers, who will undoubtedly identify easily with these characters.

The reading is fast–paced, involved, and sometimes racing past like a mind so full of ideas that it cannot process them fast enough. In the end, what comes together from the chaos is success!”

— Tome Tender
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“For anyone who wants an easily read, positive story line, teen story, with visions of a plausible near future – I highly recommend this book!!”

— Jayrchase, Goodreads
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“This could be the best futuristic/young adult book I’ve ever read. I got this as an ARC via Netgalley, so totally pumped, but after a reasonably bad experience with the last ARC, I definitely procrastinated on this one.”

— Jeanne Izzy, Goodreads
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“The story is narrated in a matter-of-fact voice that is often funny and is full of astute observations about societal norms and a possible extrapolation of our current obsession with “celebrities”. It also offers wonderfully astute commentary on educational systems that put more stock on test results than the learning itself and which often celebrates knowledge only as long as it is useful. The concept of usefulness is of course connected to the way this particular idea of future works. There is no knowledge for knowledge’s sake, no creativity that is not linked to creating something that can be charged for.”

— The Book Smugglers
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“I don’t know much about Perpetual Motion Machines, but those sections were the stars for me. I think it let us see Elsa in a slightly different way than at any other time during the novel. Plus, the machines themselves were fascinating. I wish I could have visited Elsa’s FutureWorld display because I think it would have been amazing.”

— Erindipity
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Reviews of Uncategorized

“readers looking for something new will appreciate the variety of the collection”


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“Sue Lange didn’t disappoint.”


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“Best of all, there are twists at the end of some of these pieces that you don’t see coming.
Or if you do, they still manage to shock. And make you think.”

–Susan Helene Gottfried, West of Mars

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Reviews of The Textile Planet

Here is an interesting story that moves very quickly, perhaps too quickly. It’s well done, and it will keep the reader’s attention.

Paul Lappen, Dead Trees Review

Written as a satire and by turns funny and oddly depressing, it’s easy to recognize our own culture in Lange’s world. This is the sort of future most of us will find easy to believe in, and might even recognize ourselves in a few places.

Genre Reviews


Reviews of We, Robots


“Its a moving, entertaining, and moralistic tale that I not only recommend but feel should be required reading in schools. If we’re lucky, it might one day replace The Great Gatsby and thus end decades of mental torture in the class room.”

— Scott M. Sandridge, Tangent Online, April 3, 2007

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“…a delightful book”

— Sam Tomaino, Space and Time magazine


“Initially this appears to be a short book with a small story; actually this is a big story.”

— Ardys DeLu, Femspec


“This novella makes for a great book to share with friends for a discussion around a dinner table, or for a book club willing to think about what makes us human.”

— John Ottinger, Grasping for the Wind

“terrific writer”

— Jordan Rich, WBZ, Boston radio


Check out the dj.

“This is a short novel, about 100 pages, but it says a lot about concepts of humanity. It is easy to read, and very much worth reading.”

— Paul Lappen, Midwest Book Review


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“Lange’s addition to this series offers a skillful exploration into what it means to be human.”

— Malene A. Little, Women Writers


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“Lange gives us a quiet and sad look at the world of institutionalized timidity we are heading towards with or without robots, intertwined with a hilarious send-up of just how we’re getting there.”

— Racheline Maltese, Gather blog


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“Lange is unusual in that she manages to make something unique out of her effort.”

— James Schellenberg, The Cultural Gutter


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“I definitely recommend reading this novella — it’s short and sweet.”

— Book Sake


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“…a funny and disturbing satire, and a refutation of the more facile writings in our genre.”

— Sean Melican, Ideomancer


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“Short version: easily one of the best stories I read all year. Well done!”

— SF Signal, July 2007


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“This is a well told story…”

— SFSite, June 2007


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— Locus Magazine, May 2007


Print version only, visit the website to buy the issue.

“…this story has been told brilliantly.”

— Andi Shechter, January Magazine, April, 2007

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Reviews of Tritcheon Hash

“It is meant to show how silly some of our preconceptions about the genders really are and it manages to do so without making the the main character into a caricature. That, as far as I am concerned, makes it a fine piece of writing.”

— Val’s Random Comments

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“Hurray for Sue Lange’s kick ass feminist science fiction!”

— Marleen Barr, New York Review of Science Fiction, Sept. 2005

“I found it exciting and thought provoking.”

— Dan Hollifield, Aphelion

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“Lange writes with undeniable energy…”

— Lynn Nicole Louis,

Read the whole review here.

Tritcheon Hash is a wild, good read, with special appeal for fans of science fiction or gender studies.”

— S. Ardrian, Fearless Books

“…funny, sobering, delightful feminist sci-fi satire”

— (four out of five stars) Sharon Shulz-Elsing, Curled up with a Good Book

Read the whole review here.

“Sue Lange hits hard, plays rough, and charms – just like her unforgettable character, Tritcheon Hash”

— Shawn P. Cormier, The Eternal Night

Read the whole review here.

“If this book is an indication of where Lange is headed with her writing, I suspect she’s going to be getting an increasing amount of attention as she goes.”

— A.L. Sirois, Far Sector

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“There never seems to be enough good science fiction satire on the market, so it’s pleasing to see a taleneted new writer entering the field.”

— Michael D. Pederson, Nth Degree

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“A fun read.”

— Ron Clarke, Watt’s Out

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“…well-written, fast-paced social satire…a solid story.”

— Jo Brooks, Fantastica Daily

“Well written and entertaining, if a bit over the top at times.”

— tc,

“TRITCHEON HASH is a good read for those who either really love Sci Fi and want to read something a little bit different or really hate it and want to see it ripped apart with the weapon of satire.”

— Deian Vincent, New Hope International Review Online

“Tritcheon Hash is a very funny book.”

— Sarah Meador, Rambles

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“Sue Lange has written a fun, satirical and often funny feminist science fiction story…plenty of action”

— Moira Richards, Women Writers

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BUY IT? yep. Do it, do it now.”


“…really sharp satire”

— Paul Lappen, blether

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“…there’s far more going on her than jlust witty asides and daffy quips. There are keen insights regarding human nature, irrespective of gender…”

— Dragon’s Breath

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“Sue Lange’s novel is refreshingly different—irreverent and told in a confident, sarcastic voice…”

— Broadsheet, newsletter for Broad Universe

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